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Dietitian Session


Our dietitian, Mattie Jankowski, is a registered dietitian passionate about helping individuals achieve their goals to restore balanced their lives physically, emotionally, and nutritionally. Balancing nutritional needs can be a complicated thing for individuals. Complications may stem from an individual's relationship with food, or other daily challenges. Mattie has the opportunity to help people with healing this relationship, and meeting people where they are at with their recovery or nutrition goals to create small, acceptable changes that are sustainable.  

Mattie also specializes in working with athletes at higher risk for disordered eating. Additionally, Mattie has had the privilege to experience nutrition and culture in other countries by studying abroad in Spain and Costa Rica. This has helped her understand that food is so much more than nutrition, it enhances life socially, celebrates culture, ethnicity, traditions, positive memories, and so much more. At Confluence, our overall mission as is to support the balance of physical, mental/emotional wellbeing when it comes to food and nutrition. 

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